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Low Cost Digital Outdoor Media Advertisement

If your looking for Low Cost Digital Media Advertisement come to Ad on wheelz , the new way of advertisement on taxi roof top. Taxi roof top advertisement generated millions of brand impression for your band. With the unique and technology based advertisement we created a win win situation for your product or brand.

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GPS Based Tracking

Of critical importance to any advertising network is the quantity of generated media impressions in a given location. Our content management software, when paired with the Digital Taxi Top Display, can report when and where each ad is played, and provide the impression metrics that marketers use to understand the ROI of their media buys

Monitoring & Reporting

When we work with a client, we ensure that everything we do is transparent. Ad on Wheelz provides live tracking through detailed reports to let you know how your campaign is performing and the locations that your ads have been getting your business exposure.
With detailed reporting structure Ad on wheelz provides real time running hours, you can also track your campaign in real-time. These reports enable us to continuously optimise your campaign and ensure continuous improvements.

Campaign Timeline

Select locations

Your business is paired with a driver that commutes through your area and surrounds. Meaning your advertisements will be seen by those who need to see them at each opportunity.

Select No of Count

Each campaign is designed around a certain amount of drivers, this is predetermined before the beginning of the campaign. Each driver chosen increases the exposure of your brand.

Select Demographics

Drivers are selected depending on their demographic factors meaning that your banner will be further shared with those with similar interests to the driver who matches your brand.

Select Period

Our shortest package is one month and our longest period is for a year. This allows us to review your reports and determine the best period for your next campaign.

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