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Ad on Wheelz is an exciting new concept for advertising, that creates a new way for brands to cut through advertising clutter with a unique way to target geographical locations, targeted demographics and internal word of mouth.

We identified a win-win situation for both brands and drivers that takes outdoor media and multiplies its message, at eye level, to motorists, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclist, motorcyclist, friends, families and colleagues.

Brands will be able to see their message multiplied throughout the community at a rate far less than the cost of other outdoor media services. This is achieved through Taxi Top Media advertising on multiple vehicles throughout the local community.

Our goal is to not only provide brands with a new and exciting way to advertise, that is a lot more personal and will give them significant exposure, but also provide an opportunity to create an extra source of income for drivers while performing their normal daily activities

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Our methodology

We leverage industry-leading practices and our proprietary Enterprise Value Delivery (EVD) method to implement a wide range of business solutions.

With Ad on Wheelz, advertisement can be reached to motorists, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists in your area. With high visibility and unlimited exposure – you’ll be connecting with your community like never before.

You can control your whole campaign – where they drive, who drives the vehicle and the number of Eyes your campaign catches on the road. It’s one of the most cost effective ways to reach potential customers in your area!


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We continuously strive to elevate the quality and ensure to streamline the fabrication and installation procedures.


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