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Low Cost Outdoor Media

- Now any one can advertise

Ad on Wheelz is an exciting new concept for advertising, that creates a new way for brands to cut through advertising clutter with a unique way to target geographical locations and targeted demographics. 

Brands will able to see their message multiplied throughout the community at a rate far less than the cost of other outdoor media services. This is achieved through taxi roof top advertising on multiple vehicles throughout the local community.

Our goal is not only provide brands with a new and exciting way to advertise, but to create your brand a name.

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Ad on wheelz is passionate in making your campaign successful. Every client is different which means every client will have different approach and Ideas. Come and make your dreams true with Ad on wheelz

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Active Installs

Promote Your Business Like Never Before.


Panels are placed on taxi roof top which reflect a unique display for your advertisement, Led light capture eye attention at night. With Eye catching strategy it guaranteed to grab the attention of your target market.


Ads on Wheelz can spread your messages to motorists, passengers, and pedestrian in high density location’s with high visibility and unlimited exposure you’ll be connecting with your target consumer’s like never before.


With Ad on wheelz unique advertisement strategy lock to your targeted audience in quick time with high visibility.


Ad on wheelz provides low cost effective advertisement with maximum audience capture strategy in less time. We differ from other traditional advertisement media by reaching consumers covering largest geographical area.


Ad on wheelz market research team have done extensive market survey which assures your campaign visibility with high success rate.


Ad on Wheelz provides live tracking through detailed reports to let you know how your campaign is performing and the locations that your ads have been getting your business exposure.

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