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Welcome to Ad on Wheelz

Innovation at its speed.

Ad on Wheelz is an exciting new concept for advertising, that creates a new way for brands to cut through advertising clutter with a unique way to target geographical locations, targeted demographics and internal word of mouth. 

We identified a win-win situation for both brands and drivers that takes outdoor media and multiplies its message, at eye level, to motorists, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclist, motorcyclist, friends, families and colleagues.

Brands will be able to see their message multiplied throughout the community at a rate far less than the cost of other outdoor media services. This is achieved through roof top advertising on multiple vehicles throughout the local community.

Our goal is to not only provide brands with a new and exciting way to advertise, that is a lot more personal and will give them significant exposure, but also provide an opportunity to create an extra source of income for drivers while performing their normal daily activities.

taxi roof

Advertisement is the core of marketing

Advertisement is the core of marketing strategy without advertisement company wont be able to achieve the target milestones which they plan for the financial year. By advertisement we can easily recognized the name and brand of any company, It also help to persuade by promoting products, services and ideas and to help achieve commercial/business goals. But the problem arise the selection of advertisement in order to reduce the marketing cost.

Ad on Wheelz Digital Marketing Strategy plays a valuable role in shaping consumer behavior in today’s world. Here are a few reasons why every business should prioritize digital marketing over traditional methods of advertising.

  • Helps businesses stay a step ahead of their competition
  • Less expensive than traditional advertising
  • Delivers analytics reports
  • Reaches users in less time with effective eye catching strategy
  • Builds brand recognition
  • Allows businesses to monitor their brand
  • Help brands develop trust with their audience


Advantage of Ad on Wheelz

  • Mobile advertising on Taxi rooftop generates public interest by breaking the monotones landscape on the street.
  • Daily reached to millions of viewers.
  • Taxi rooftop signs create a firefly effect during the night.
  • According to our research and studies, advertising on Taxi mid the highest level of recall of all other traditional outdoor media.
  • Helps in brand creating ad image building.


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We provide our clients a win win solution.